Nikon Nikkor 13mm f5.6

Widest SLR prime lens made (surpassed by Sigma 12-24 zoom). Made only to special order so very few were made.

VersionSerial noDateScrewsEngravingNotes
K175021 < 175026 175056 >Dec75 - Jun775+LMIJAccepts Ai kits 10 and 11. Some Ai lenses made with serial numbers in this range.
Ai175501 < 175506 175515 >Jun77 - Mar825+LMIJUpgrade to Ai with no further changes. Serial numbers seen so far suggest only 15 made, but the actual numbers may be much higher.
Ai-S175901 < 175909 176202 >Mar82 - 19985+MIJUpgrade to Ai-S with no further changes.


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    K version

    Ai version

    Ai-S version