Nikon Nikkor 18mm f4

At the time of its introduction one of the widest lenses which can accept front filters. Introduced as a K (New Nikkor) model, it was upgraded to Ai with only minor changes.

VersionSerial noDateScrewsEngravingNotes
K,Ai173111 < 173275 177425 > 177387Nov74 - 19775+LMIJName engraved on ring inside filter. Many Ai lenses in this range made using old parts.
Ai190001 < 190138 190657 >1977 - 5+LMIJNew serial number block for Ai version. Early lenses with name inside filter (like K type). Thick rear lens protector.
Ai< 190902 191165 > - 3+LMIJName outside filter ring, thin rear lens protector.
Ai< 191245 193859 > - Mar823+MIJ-


  • Collection of Richard de Stoutz
  • Article at Photography in Malaysia site