Nikon Nikkor Ai 35mm f2

A direct Ai upgrade from the previous K model. A few have serial numbers belonging to the K series and were probably made using up older parts.

VersionSerial noDateScrewsEngravingNotes
Ai920001 < 920131 930610 >1977 - 5+LMIJThick rear protector, long projection from max aperture post prevents it fitting TC-16.
Ai931001 < 931318 945542 > - 5+MIJThin rear protector, no projection from max aperture post. Start serial number from TC-16 manual.
Ai< 939039 959393 > - 3+MIJOnly three screws used in lens mount.
Ai105001 < 110055 193558 > 193574 - Aug813+MIJNew serial number. Focus ring with squarer front edge, compared to sloping edge for previous versions (Ai 28/2.8 had similar change). Aperture coupling prong made of pressed sheet metal instead of solid metal.


  • Review by Fredrik Rasmussen

    Ai 35/2 sub-type 2