Nikon Ai Fisheye-Nikkor 8mm f2.8

The first Nikon fisheye with an automatic diaphram, and the first which does not require mirror lock-up. This permits accurate framing using the viewfinder, and TTL metering. The lens speed of f/2.8 is the fastest of fisheye Nikkors. This lens covers 180° with equidistant projection like the earlier 7.5mm f5.6 and 8mm f8 Nikkors.

VersionSerial noDateScrewsEngravingNotes
F230011 < 230031 – 231285 >Feb70 - 19715-LMIJEarly version engraved "Nippon Kogaku Japan". Start serial no from F601 repair manual. Filter wheel contains: L1A, Y48, Y52, O56, R60
F240001 < 240021 – 240976 >1971 - 19775+LMIJEngraved "Nikon". Start serial number based on lenses seen.
Ai< 240709 – 241089 >1977 - 5+LMIJUpdated to Auto Indexing with no other changes. Unusual for an Ai lens it retains the old style "Auto" designation. The serial number is continuous (and overlapping) the pre-Ai version. Early lenses with thick rear lens protectors.
Ai< 241254 – 242448 > - Feb825+MIJThin rear lens protectors. Filters changed to L1BC, Y48, Y52, O56, R60.


  • Review by Bjørn Rørslett
  • Collection by Richard de Stoutz