Nikon Nikkor-N Auto 35mm f1.4

The Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 is widely regarded as a true Nikon classic. When launched in 1970 it was a very advanced lens. It is the first Nikkor to be fully multicoated on all lens surfaces. Early versions lack the ".C" designation even though it is fully multicoated. It was only the second Nikkor to employ the floating elements for close range correction (CRC) which ensures consistent sharpness at infinity and close range.

VersionSerial noDateScrewsEngravingNotes
C254001 < 254003 >1970 - 5-LMIJPrototype lens with different serial number. Appears identical to prodution lens.
C350001 < 350004 352697 >May70 - 19715-LMIJEarly batch engraved "Nippon Kogaku Japan". Nine aperture blades. First Nikkor with fully multicoated lenses and the second with CRC.
C360001 < 360146 368727 >1971 - 19735-LMIJEngraved "Nikon".
C370001 < 370090 376927 > 3770671973 - Jan765+LMIJEngraved with ".C" designation to indicate mulicoating. Cross point screws now used. Number of aperture blades reduced from 9 to 7.


  • Lens in collection of Richard de Stoutz
  • NASA version at Photography in Malaysia site
  • Development of 35/1.4 at Nikon site