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If you have questions, new information regarding Nikon lenses, or just want to say hello, please contact me at

I recently received emails which came to me with addresses like [], my replies immediately bounce: mailbox unavailable. So, to M Sparrow and D Weber, I did try to reply to your questions, but I can't contact you!

Send New Information

I spend a lot of time collecting information and developing this site, and carefully check everything which goes in. It has grown to become the most comprehensive and accurate sources of information on Nikon F mount lenses. Bear in mind this is always a work in progress and I depend on the photographic community to supply new information to keep it up to date. Please send me your lens details:

Serial numbers - new numbers extend known ranges and keep the database up to date. Serial numbers within known ranges help to fill in and confirming existing data. Indicate if the serial number is US.
Serial numbers for older AF lenses are hard to find - look on the aperture ring for small uncolored digits half way round from the aperture scale, below the knurling.

Date bought new - (if known) helps to age other similar lenses. I'm especially looking for purchase dates for older and "vintage" lenses.

Country of origin - and other information on the barrel. Lenses made in Japan are specifically marked "MADE IN JAPAN". Lenses marked "Nikon JAPAN" are made in China or Thailand - not that it makes any difference.

If possible send pictures of the serial number, warranty card and/or other points of interest to reduce the chance of typing mistakes.

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This is an independant site, free of advertising. I don't receive information from Nikon or sponsorship from any other business. If you want to help with the costs of hosting this site, you can make a donation using PayPal. Thanks to those who have already contributed.

I'll also gladly accept donations of a 58/1.2 Noct, or any other minty old Nikkor, but I won't hold my breath :-)

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