Series-E 75-150mm f3,5

VersionSerial noDateScrewsEngravingNotes
E1790801 < 1793060 – 1846100 >May 80 - 4+MIJFirst version with black plastic grip-ring. Rear lens protectors made of tabs of sheet metal folded down, like other early series-E lenses.
E< 1840405 – 1860019 > - 4+MIJNow with solid rear lens protectors. At extension of the rear lens protector, found in Ai-S telephotos 135mm and longer triggers PHi mode for faster shutter speeds with FA and F501, to prevent camera shake blurring the image.
E1890001 < 1890616 – 2022581 >May 81 - 4+MIJMetal grip-ring, otherwise unchanged.
E3000001 < 3000447 – 3061394 > - 19854+MIJNew serial number but otherwise unchanged. These late models seem to have less trouble with zoom creep.


  • Development of 75-150 at Nikon Site
  • Review by Thom Hogan
  • Review by Bjørn Rørslett

    Early model with black ring and thin rear lens protectors

    Late model with chrome ring and solid rear lens protectors