Nikkor-P 1200mm f11

Focal Length-
Max aperture-
Min aperture-
No of aperture blades14
Min Focus43
Filter size122
Casewood 108-04-302

VersionSerial noDateNotes
F120011 >1964-08 - Early Nikon literature shows a model with a small rear element and no aperture ring. May be a prototype or very early production lens.
F< 120035 - 120173 > - 1966Larger rear element and aperture ring. Early trials must have shown that the aperture in the focus unit is too far back for this lens, causing vignetting, so an aperture ring was added to the lens itself. When the aperture ring is used, the aperture on the focus unit should be set wide open.
F121001? < 121014 - 121056 >1966 - 1971Based on production quantities of other telephoto lens heads and serial numbers collected, it is unlikely that over 1000 lenses were made between 120xxx and 121xxx, so this appears to be a new range. The reason for the change is unknown.
F131001? < 131026 - 131040 > 1311481971 - 1973Now engraved "Nikon"
C131401 < 131440 - 131702 >1974-09 - 1977-11Lens now multicoated with no further changes.