Nikon Nikkor-S Auto 58mm f1.4

Nikkor-S Auto 5.8cm f/1.4 was the first f/1.4 large-aperture lens for use with the Nikon F Series.

VersionSerial noDateScrewsEngravingNotes
F140051 < 140113 142028 >Oct 59 - 0PAT PENDEarly type has several features found on tick mark lenses:
  • Engraved PAT PEND with no LMIJ.
  • High gloss metal finish.
  • 1mm extension to lower edge of aperture ring, insufficient clearance to fit Nikkormat FT series.
Unlike other early non-tick mark lenses it does not have 9 aperture blades, only 6 which was the standard for most Nikkors during the early 1960s. The upper barrel extends directly to the filter ring. Start serial number taken the maximum aperture of the lens.
F< 142506 148388 > - 0LMIJ PAT PENDAs before but now engraved LMIJ.
F< 148508 150016 >Mar 60 - Jun 600LMIJ PAT PENDAs before but with normal aperture ring.
F< 151068 157921 >Jul 60 - 0LMIJ PAT PENDUpper barrel thicker, stepping in about 3mm below the filter rim. The upper focus ring is also wider to accommodate the wider ring. Many lenses lack the LMIJ engraving, possibly made for the Japanese market.
F< 158087 177603 > 179051 - Jan 620PAT PEND, LMIJFocus scale now in feet only, LMIJ moved to the focus ring. A few were also made for the Japanese market with the focus scale in m only, these lenses lack the LMIJ marking.


  • Collection of Richard de Stoutz
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  • Development of 5.8cm f1.4 at Nikon site

    Type 2 lens showing 1mm extension from lower edge of aperture ring

    Type 3 lens with standard aperture ring

    Type 4 lens showing stepped filter ring

    Type 5 lens with focus scale in feet only