A Summary of Nikon lens Versions

F - Early Nikkors for the Nikon F (1959)

C - MultiCoated lenses (1971)

K - New Nikkors (1974)

Ai - Auto indexing lenses (1977)

Ai Converted lenses (1977)

Series-E (1979)

Ai-S - Ai with Shutter priority (1981)

F3-AF - Autofocus for F3 camera (1983)

Ai-P - CPU Lens (1988)

AF - Auto focus (1986)

IX - Lenses for APS camera (1996)

Glossary of terms

IF - Internal Focus, focus achieved by moving an internal group of elements.
RF - Rear Focus, a variant of IF where the rear group of elements move to achieve focus.
CRC - Close Range Correction (floating elements), lens groups move independantly providing a higher level of correction at all distances.
ED - Extra-low Dispersion glass for minimising chromatic aberrations.
Aspheric - Lens element with non-spherical surfuce. Either precision ground, Hybrid (plastic molded to glass) or glass molded.

NIC - Nikon Integrated Coating, multicoating applied to lenses since the mid 1970s.
SIC - Super Integrated Coating, improved multicoating applied to lenses since around 2000.
Nano Coat - Highly effective but delicate coating applied only to selected internal lens surfaces.

Micro - Lens for closeup photography, also known as macro lens.
Medical - Macro lens with built-in ring flash.
Fisheye - Non-rectalinear lens with extremely wide picture angle.
OP-Nikkor - Fisheye lens using Orthographic projection
GN-Nikkor - Lens with guide number coupling for flash photography.
DC-Nikkor - Lens with defocus control
Noct-Nikkor - High speed lens for available-light photography
PC-Nikkor - Shift lens for perspective control.
PC-E-Nikkor - Tilt/shift lens with electronic diaphram.
UV-Nikkor - Special lens for ultra-violet and infra-red photography.