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Over the years I collected information for my site, I also aquired many lenses. Now it is time to simplify my collectionand sell items I no longer need. All lenses for sale here are in perfect working condition with clear optics, unless otherwise noted. I try to describe the condition as accurately as possible. Click on the link to see pictures. I haven't had time to take pictures of most items yet, but if you are interested in any lens I am happy to take some.

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28mm 1:3.5 AI-S
no.2102080 SOLD
MINT IN BOX Cosmetically this lens looks new, I really can't see any signs it has been used. The focus action is buttery smooth, the aperture ring turns with nice even clicks, the aperture blades are clean and snappy and the class is pristine. The AI-S 28/3.5 was never a big seller, sitting awkwardly between the budget Series-E 28mm 1:2.8 and the faster AI-S models. Optically and mechanically it sits closer to its faster AI-S siblings, with good contrast and sharpness in a more compact design.
  • Original front and rear caps
  • Box with matching serial number, and foam insert
Nikkor-S 35mm 1:2.8 pre-AI
MINT to MINT- Exceptionally clean example of this early 35mm lens. The only cosmetic flaw is on the upper chrome barrel - a long faint scratch which extends about 2/3 of the circumference which is not obvious unless you look closely. Apart from that the lens looks new. The focus action is beautifully smooth.
  • Original front cap
  • Bubble case
35mm 1:2.8 AI
no.398738 SOLD
MINT to MINT- Nice clean example of this lens. It looks like a new lens which had some careful use. This model is generally overshadowed by the faster f/2 and f/1.4 models but is quite a capable performer with pleasing rendition and good sharpness, in a more compact and affordable package.
  • front and rear caps
  • Hoya HD polariser
35mm 1:2.8 PC-Nikkor
MINT to MINT- A beautiful example of a 35mm PC (Perspective Control) lens from 1976. Careful examination will reveal one or two tiny (< 1mm) marks in the paintwork, otherwise in pristine condition including the gold JCII inspection sticker. The preset aperture ring, focus ring and shift mechanism all work smoothly and evenly with the right amount of resistance.
  • Original front and rear caps
  • CL-34A leather case (has not aged well)
  • Box in good condition
55mm 1:3.5 Micro AI
no.963414 SOLD
MINT to MINT- A well regarded macro lens which can double as a standard lens. Beautiful black semi-gloss finish with bright crisp lettering and JCII inspection sticker. A small amount of wear on the filter threads and a couple of tiny scuffs keep this from being a perfect mint.
  • Original front and rear caps
85mm 1:2 AI-S
no.346456 SOLD
EX+ Very clean lens, just a few light scratches on the upper barrel, otherwise near new condition. A very handy, fast, short telephoto lens with good optical properties. Much more compact than modern AF 85/1.8 lenses.
  • Original front and rear caps
85mm 1:1.8 late pre-AI
no.436188 SOLD
MINT to MINT- Nearly flawless example of this highly regarded lens. This is the relatively uncommon late pre-AI version with modern styling. There are a few nearly imperceptible marks on the lower edges of the focus and aperture rings, but you have to look very closely to see them. Beautiful clear red and blue reflections from the enormous front element.
  • Original front and rear caps
  • Silver box with matching serial number and foam inserts
  • Nikon L1Bc skylight filter
105mm 1:2.5 late pre-AI
MINT to MINT- A beautiful example of this classic portrait lens. There is a light mark on the upper barrel just below the rim, otherwise the cosmetic condition is flawless. The focus action has a hint of dryness but is otherwise smooth and even.
  • Original front and rear caps
105mm 1:2.5 AI-S
no.1048549 SOLD
MINT to MINT- A perfect example of this lens apart from a few light scratches near the base of the hood - these aren't visible unless the hood is extended. The hood in extended position shows no sign of wobbling as is common with this model. This lens is one of the last made and features the newer SIC coating.
  • Original front and rear caps
  • Box with foam inserts and instructions.
135mm 1:3.5 late pre-AI
no.178410 SOLD
MINT- to EX+ This lens was made for a short time in the mid 1970s and is relatively uncommon with fewer than 25000 units made. It is has the same optics as the previous Nikkor-Q.C 135/3.5, but with modern styling. Image quality is similar to the famous 105/2.5, with good sharpness and a beautiful smooth rendition. Curved aperture blades give background blurs a nice rounded appearance. This lens is exceptionally clean, looking near new except for a handful of light scratches on the barrel.
  • Rear cap
  • Box with matching serial numbers (heavily worn) and foam inserts
  • Promaster 1A skylight filter
Nikkor-Q 135mm 1:2.8 Nikkor-Q pre-AI
MINT- A fast medium telephoto lens from the early 1970s. Solidly built with solid performance. This lens is in near new condition with a few barely perceptible signs of wear.
  • Bubble case (many scratches, bayonet mount in base partially broken)
  • Front skylight filter
35-70mm 1:3.3-4.5 AF
MINT- This is the later AF version with the rubber focus grip and more compact design for improved handling. In mint condition except for a small patch of corrosion on the lens mount. No other signs of damage, glass is absolutely clear.
  • Original front and rear caps
  • Box with matching serial number and foam inserts
Series-E 75-150mm 1:3.5
no.3027057 SOLD
MINT- A nicely presented lens with just few scuff marks around the mount. Has no zoom creep. The zoom range is limited by modern standards but covers an extremely useful range that is suitable for portraits, landscape and general photography. Close focusing to 1m, fast f/3.5 aperture and small size make this a very versatile lens. This is the later version with the chrome grab-ring.
  • Original front and rear caps
  • Box with matching serial number and foam inserts
80-200mm 1:4 AI-S
EX+ A very clean lens with just a few minor scratches in the paintwork. There are some specks of dust internally but this won't affect optical performance. Has minor zoom creep only when held near vertical. This was the professional tele zoom from the late 1980s, and with a focus limit of just 1.2m can be used for closeups in addition to portraiture and general photography.
  • Original front and rear caps
  • Box with matching serial number

Nikon red R60 filter (52mm)
MINT The R60 subtracts all colors of the spectrum except red and is often used with B&W or infrared film for special effects. $10
Nikon Soft 2 filter (52mm)
MINT The Soft Focus Filter No. 2 is stronger than Soft Focus Filter No. 1. It produces a fog-like effect in landscapes, or a softer dreamlike effect for portraiture. $10
Nikon F A B1 B2 C D extension tubes (early K-ring set) EX Old style Nikon F extension tubes with bronze finish. Equivalent to the Nikon K-ring set: A = K1, B1 = K2, B2 = K3, C = K4, D = K5. The old names are more logical because the B1 and B2 must always be used in pairs (with or without the C or D tubes between, or the A in addition).
In excellent condition with some rub marks on the raised grips. With original leather carry case.
Pre-AI Aperture Rings MINT I have a couple of pre-AI aperture rings taken from lenses converted to AI. Use them to restore bad AI converted lens to original condition.
  • Nikkor-S 35mm 1:2.8 no.255311 - 392xxx
  • K 135mm 1:2.8 serial no.430001 - 464xxx
$10 Each